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The governor peak stone
This is our glory that we have provided your requirements for a long time ago, since 35 years ago (1986)in field of varied stones and its equipment.
Our company and manufacture have worked at every aspects of produce by best technology and materials for achieve great quality for support our clients at all of the world.
The fundamental principles for us after honest is maintain from our clients at all of aspects and our target is providing all of your requirements for cutting and polishing and painting and etc
Our company (governor peak stone) administer the varied abrasive for marble stone and granite stone and ceramic and we administer granite segments and marble segments and grinding wheel and chemical products for painting and adhesive of course that we manufacture of varied stones.
Our company (governor peak stone) has been working with many of great company and its representation at all of the world so this good news for our clients that we can solve their requirement i mean in every aspects at earliest opportunity so every things which you require just tell us and be sure that we can help you.
This is our slogan:
We don't have slogan, we operate for support our clients




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